How to Pick the Right Strain of Marijuana for You?

Let’s say that you want to go out and visit a dispensary near you to buy some cannabis. As you arrived, you’ve found out that you actually have a lot of options. How can you potentially know what us the best strain to select? If you’re experiencing this case today, here are some tips that can help you choose the ideal strain of marijuana for you: 

Know its availability 

Not every strain you can see online will always be ready and available in a dispensary near you. Other strains will be less or more popular, depending on where you’re living. Hence, it would be a great idea to know who are the local growers of cannabis within your place and know which strain types they provide. This way, you both know which strains will potentially be fresher and what strains are accessible and available.  

What smells do you prefer? 

If you are looking into smoking your cannabis, you will surely look for a strain type that smells great. You need to remember that every strain has a unique smell. Others will smell sweet and fruity, while some will smell skunky and more earthy. Hence, it’s important to know first which aroma do you prefer for you to maximize and enjoy your marijuana usage.  

Know your tolerance 

Gauge how experienced you are with marijuana. If you are basically new when it comes to cannabis, you may need to look for a strain containing high CBD and low THC levels. This way, you can have all the perks feeling crazy. However, if you require a stronger strain and when you’re more experienced, search for ones that have great amounts of THC. If you prefer a mild one that provides therapeutical benefits and one that does not have psychotic effects, you can buy terpenes instead.  

Learn the different types 

Marijuana strains come in 2 major types: Sativa and Indica. Sativa strains will provide energy, which will give you the urge to do something and go out. Meanwhile, indica is typically recognized for more laziness and relaxing capabilities. Moreover, hybrid strains are available as well, which is a mixture of Sativa and indica, that also have a combination of effects. So, determine which strain you want to get first. 

Research strains 

Each strain has a distinct effect. Some can make you feel sleepy, others stimulate appetite, while there are also some that help boosts your concentration. Make sure to know what effect you’re trying to have out of your strain first so that you can be satisfied with the outcome as you use it. 

Examine it 

As you arrive at your local dispensary while searching for strains, make sure not to only choose the one that appears to fit based on what you’ve researched. Guarantee to closely examine your product. Good marijuana will be vibrant green and it must be covered by visible trichome crystals. When the strain that you like to have appears browner and does not appear to have crystals, it only means that is non-fresh cannabis.